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Eternity - The Birth of Cut & Paste Menswear

If you’re reading this, thank you. You, like us, are a unique-minded individual who has the appreciation for design, quality, and culture. Together, hand in hand and thread by thread, we will share our taste to others.

When returning from a trip, you’re always asked the same question, “So, How was …?“ An individual’s vocabulary is only so limited to describe where he or she has been and even so, no words or expression can express the experience of the humidity in air, the taste of culture through food, the interaction of locals, etc. Even years after you have visited a destination, you always run into something that brings back that special moment abroad. That destination is implanted in you and it will always find a place in your heart. Inevitably, it becomes a part of who you are.

The roots of Cut & Paste were inspired on our trip to Tibet in 2008.

It wasn’t until this very trip where we would visit a place, full of natural and simplistic beauty, which would impact our cultural lens and ultimately our own appreciation for life. Situated high up in the mountains, villagers live in adobe huts to protect themselves from the blistering below zero temperatures. With the nearest surplus store 30 miles back down the mountain, these villagers truly rely on their nomadic lifestyle to survive. Aside the absence of electricity, plumbing, and neighbors, it seems as if the Tibetan people express appreciation through the arts and crafts. Paying attention to intricate detail and using natural colors, you can notice the workmanship of their hand crafted designs.

The Conception of our LogoTibet, a developing region, had so many unknown treasures to be explored and so many local flavors to be consumed. While visiting one of monastery where the Dalai Lama had stayed, we noticed a chessboard-like square pattern (see above). At the time if we knew it would be the inspiration for Cut and Paste, we would have photographed that etched figure painted on the wall. Nevertheless, we were told this was the Tibetan symbol for eternity, also known as “Shrivatsa” in Sanskrit . Staring at this symbol, we wondered what the vandal was thinking. Was this a sign of expression?

To interrupt and spoil your deep thought of meditation – What is eternal is the Tibetan culture and ancestry that lives on. Tradition that gets passed on from generation to generation will never die. Likewise, the roots and habitual teachings from our adolescent lives are eternal and will always be a part of who and where we came from. These are the things we don’t see and can’t fathom as spectators.

So, like the vandal who etched the eternal pattern, we etch culture into our brand. By now, if you haven’t caught on, Cut & Paste is derived by culture and travel. We bring to you what we experience and incorporate it into our daily and practical necessities of life. Though just a bag or t-shirt, it’s a bag and t-shirt with a story.

So here’s our inspiration. Our experience to yours – Cut and Pasted.

Signing out,

Chris Kuan
Editor in Chief

December 31, 2015 by Maetud Soivimon