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From the Editor : A Look into the New Year

First and foremost as we conclude 2015, on behalf of the Cut & Paste team, I want to thank our readers and customers for your support since we launched early this year. We hope to keep this close connection with each and every one of you as we continue to travel, release new collections, and provide you with your monthly reads.

Like many new and fresh brands trying to make a name for themselves, we found it difficult to enter the competitive market of men’s lifestyle and are constantly brainstorming on ways to differentiate our products. With one thing for certain, we wanted to create a brand derived from our strong passion for Travel; sharing our adventures and cultural experiences through pattern and design. Our approach is that these pattern and designs incorporated into our products would tell our story and ultimately share our travel experiences with like-minded people. As consumers of menswear, we often buy things for looks and comfort, which is important, but to understand the origin of print and pattern, we believe is just as important. Many of our customers found the intricacies and appreciation for this year’s Japanese collection. Those who have traveled to the country understood the patterns of the tradition, while those who have never been there still saw its uniqueness. 

Traveling non-stop trying to widen our brand, we have successfully launched our strong presence in Singapore and Thailand. As we are still continuing to grow and iron the kinks out of our first year, we are pleased to announce our 2016 collection which takes you back 2,000 years to the Tang Dynasty, now modern day China, for our inspiration. 

This year we added interviews to our monthly blog, and essentially these “ambassadors”, as we like to call, would be the faces of our brand all around the world; transcribing their life stories in hope readers would be inspired themselves along with some takeaway tips to succeed. Interviewees have consisted of gym trainers to photographers of Ai-Wei Wei to developers of mobile games to students and striving entrepreneurs. Maybe others can relate, but listening to the success of each and every one of these extraordinary individuals has somewhat made me self-evaluate myself. (Fair warning .. here comes my philosophical babble. Those of you who are restless – leave now)

Our lives are constantly fixated on routine and repetitiveness, sure I get it, the norm is comfortable, but our life clock is slowly ticking day by day, and before we know it, “I wish I had done that,” comes around. Not to mention, in spite of current events filled with inevitable terrorism and diseases, that clock becomes even shorter. So ask yourself the question, as if you were being interviewed, Are you making the most of your life? Be bold and allow your mouth to experience new taste buds – eat grasshoppers in Thailand; push yourself outside your comfort zone – go shark diving in South Australia; see through the lens of how true locals live – harvest coffee beans in the plantations of Guatemala. This list is never ending in which you may never complete, but even starting where you are today can make the difference of your perception (remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey). You don’t need to fly to Africa to truly experience thankfulness, we’re surrounded by less fortunate people everywhere. Volunteer, engage, and listen with one another, everyone has a story to tell, and by doing so you’ll already be changing yourself.



If you don’t already, these life tips have helped me, and I strongly urge throwing these into your arsenal for the New Year:

The early bird gets the worm. Not only do your days become longer, but you also become more productive. I start my day with a 5:30am wake up call and walk to my juicer for my daily raw blend. There are so many of these raw and organic juice bars that are not only overpriced but throw in artificial sweetener and preservatives into the mix. I blend my own juice and fruit blend, this way I know what I’m consuming. Usually kale, spinach, chard, apples, and a dice of ginger does the trick, it’s packed with revitalizing nutrients and natural energy. Afterwards, I’m in the gym by 6am.

My drug of choice is working out. If it gets your heart going it’s probably doing you good. For me, I like to switch up my routine and constantly confuse the muscles and body with new movement. Weekdays I’m in the gym touching iron and on weekends I’m either swimming, practicing bikram yoga, or Muay Thai. Being said, there are no restrictions on food for me, I’ll eat just about anything. Life’s too short to eat quinoa 24/7 ..  If it walks, swims, flies, or crawls, I’ll give it a shot. When traveling to new foreign places, the best way to dive into local culture is through food. If it looks gross, taste or smells bad, who cares, you’ve tried it once and it opens your taste buds to new flavors, and most importantly makes you a more open minded individual. 

Like our brand, simplicity is key. Nowadays, I see kids trying to be “flashy when formal” and ironically I use to be one of them. Sure I get it, you want to stand out, but a bowtie, tie clip, cufflinks, pocket square in one go is too much and too distracting. When you overdress people don’t see the workmanship of your suit cut or the attention to detail of your perfectly tied windsor. The dapper gentleman should be simple and and feel good in his second skin.  Some people can pull it off, but when we’re just the average joe, we all can’t be Conor Mcgregor.

With my tips and the tips our ambassadors have given you throughout the year, shake the norm, and explore yourself into the New Year.

Happy and safe holidays!

Yours truly,

Chris Kuan

Editor in Chief

December 31, 2015 by Maetud Soivimon