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The Introduction of the Capsule Collection : Australia


Australia - The Great Ocean Road

The first collection takes us down south to the great outback where we gathered the idea for 2018’s first capsule collection on our journey across the Great Ocean Road.

From the view of the accommodation, the path is blocked, cast into shadow by the tall Eucalyptus trees on either side. From far away, the cloud, ominous and black, drifted over the reef and created murky shades of green, brown and blue. Walking along the beach, we started to notice the beautiful colour contrast between the rocks with the corals, a biological halo of sorts that bring soothing happiness we have been looking for in the past few days thus, begins our journey…


Gibson Landscape

Gibson Landscape Pattern

A pattern with a story, look closely and you will see that the large circular white patterns along the same line represent campsites along a travelling route, while the black ‘’U’’ with dots represent a person sitting with their digging stick (long black line) digging for fruits next to them. Everywhere in the background of the pattern are minute white dots which in aboriginal drawing symbolises the desert.


Beard Heath
Beard Heath Pattern

Inspired by a common plant found along the coastline of the Great Ocean Road, the Coastal Beard Heath, with its distinctive triangular/roundish growth that sets it apart from other plants. Here we use triangular patterns to represent the native bush with traditional aboriginal motif of the ‘’rain symbol’’ with the small yellow dots in a straight line.


Kakadu Rainstorm  

Kakadu Rainstorm

Drawn from the mosaic of the Australian bush plants at the Great Ocean Road coastline during an early summer thunderstorm. The scene was a palette of pastel greens, greys, brown and black hence the choice of this pattern. Elements of traditional aboriginal motifs were incorporated into the design such as the wavy lines to represent fire and smoke which is common during the summer months along with jagged peaks that represent the hills and mountains of the area.

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July 13, 2018 by Maetud Soivimon