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Cut & Paste Menswear Wabi-Sabi
Influence of Wabi-Sabi on Cut & Paste 
Founded in 2014, Cut & Paste (cnplifestyle) was the result of a vision executed by two brothers who believed in a line of men’s apparel and accessories that would be unique to the global market. These two brothers were raised in the forefront of the clothing and the leather industry, and since a young age sought to branch their inspirations from travelling the world into menswear fashion. With the intent to create products for the unique gentleman’s lifestyle, their motto was simple – simple yet practical. Cut & Paste is not only something you wear everyday, but a part of our company’s collection that tells the story of our journey – and soon your journey.
Our main inspiration comes from our experience with the Japanese culture. While traveling, the concept of Wabi Sabi, the ability to see beauty in natural imperfection, caught our attention. We have found that each country visited gives you it’s own and ‘Wabi Sabi’ teachings. This teachings approach on aesthetics has since become the inspiration for products created by the cnplifestyle team.